6.Governance, Leadership and Management

6.1.1 Governance/Leadership in Tune with Vision and Mission
6.1.2 Effective Leadership

6.2.1 Effective Deployment of Strategic/perspective Plan
6.2.2 Effective Functioning of Institutional Bodies
6.2.3 Implementation of e-governance

6.3.1 Effective Welfare Measures For Staff
6.3.2 Financial Support To Attend Conferences Etc.
6.3.3 Professional Development/Training Programmes Organized
6.3.4 Attendance In Faculty Development Programmes

6.4.1 Conduct of Financial Audits
6.4.2 Funds/Grants Recieved (excluding those covered in Criteria 3 and 5)
6.4.3 Strategies For Mobilization Of Funds

6.5.1 IQAC Contributions
6.5.2 Periodic Review Of Teaching Learning Process Etc.
6.5.3 Quality Assurance Initiatives